Ford Tough

Author: David Magee
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: UOM:39015060134403
Size: 17.44 MB
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Profiling the first Ford family member to run the auto manufacturer since 1979, this portrait of a forward-looking car maker reveals Bill Ford as an environmentalist and a compassionate man who has begun to rebuild the company's reputation.

Ford Tough

Author: Patrick Foster
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 9780760352175
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In July 1917 Ford Motor Company introduced a one-ton chassis for commercial trucks, marking what many historians feel was its official entry into the dedicated truck business. Prior to this the company had offered commercial cars, including depot hacks and delivery van bodies mounted on its standard passenger car chassis. Dealers had also offered small after-market pickup beds that could be placed on the rear of a Model T car to convert it to a pickup. But with the debut of the rugged Model TT truck chassis, Ford was firmly in the truck market. Eight years later it introduced its first factory-produced pickup, a sturdy half-ton job that met with great acceptance. During the century that has passed since that first Ford truck chassis, the F-series has become the best-selling truck in the world, and the best-selling vehicle of any type in America. Every year the company sells over 700,000 F-series trucks, and well over 1.5 million trucks of all types, just in the U.S. It's an amazing success. Ford Tough: 100 Years of Ford Trucks tells the entire Ford truck story from the very beginning, when Ford got its start in truck production. This book provides the history of the wide array of models Ford has built over the past century, including the Model A roadster pick-up, stylish 81C pickups, legendary 1948 F-1, Bronco, Courier, Ranchero, Econoline.

The Complete Book Of Classic Ford F Series Pickups

Author: Dan Sanchez
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 9780760344316
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Learn all there is to know about the most popular vehicles in history. Ford's F-series pickups are simply the most popular vehicles ever. The F150 set a modern-day single-month sales record for the industry with 126,905 trucks sold in July 2005, the most sales of any single nameplate in any month since the days of the Ford Model T. The F-series has been the best-selling vehicle in the world for most of the past forty years, and to date Ford has produced nearly fifty million models. The Complete Book of Classic Ford F-Series Pickups covers all the classic models in Ford's popular line of light-duty trucks, from the first F-1 pickup of 1948 through 1976.

Tough Times For The President

Author: Ryan J. Barilleaux
Publisher: Cambria Press
ISBN: 9781621968061
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By examining case studies of tough times for the president, this book broadens the understanding of presidential power and both the limits and opportunities chief executives face as they govern from the Oval Office. It points to a new view of the sources of presidential power. This study of presidential adversity illuminates the fundamental sources of executive power-executive actions, foreign policy initiatives, organizational changes, going public, and unconventional actions-that form a foundation for the persuasive influence that many see as the epitome of presidential leadership. It also shows how presidents cope with the kinds of tough circumstances in which chief executives find themselves all too often. The case studies show American chief executives facing some of the toughest political situations of their presidencies, and illuminates important episodes in modern political history. The authors show Gerald Ford trying to govern without any of the traditional sources of political capital, Bill Clinton recovering from two near-death political experiences (the loss of Congress in 1994, then the Lewinsky scandal), and the unraveling of the George W. Bush presidency. The authors also use these insights to help build an alternative understanding of presidential power. The authors' cases of presidents in tough times leads to a new view of presidential power as situational leverage. They sketch an understanding of power as leverage that takes into account the resources that a president is able to apply in a particular situation, weighed against the risks and obstacles that threaten to undermine presidential goals and the opportunities that help to motivate the president. This approach presents a more accurate, realistic, and useful view of presidential power than Richard Neustadt's catchy but misleading "power to persuade." Moreover, viewing power as leverage helps to account for why recent presidents have devoted time and attention to employing and expanding their capacity for unilateral action. Tough Times for the President is a unique book because it provides a different perspective on America's most important office. Most books on the presidency focus on issues of presidential leadership, presidential greatness, or influence over policy, but none compares how presidents have responded to the political challenges confronting them. This book is appropriate for upper-division undergraduate students, graduate students

Erratic Fire Erratic Passion

Author: Jeff Parker
Publisher: featherproof books
ISBN: 9781943888030
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Erratic Fire, Erratic Passion is a collection of found poems composed of the words of professional athletes. The content of post-game interviews and sports chatter is so often meaningless, if not insufferable, and yet there are athletes like Metta World Peace who transcend lame clichés and rote patter, who use language in surprising ways, who can be funny and shocking and insightful and alarmingly sincere — pure poetry. Muhammad Ali offered dazzling displays of lexical wizardry, and Allen Iverson’s infamous “practice” rant shifted the post-game press conference from the banal to the absurd. This book is a celebration of these rare and exceptional moments. Various poetic forms and line-breaks highlight — or, in the words of Deion Sanders, “deem to set a candor on” — the sophisticated, sublime, and surprising performances of language made by professional athletes.

Tulsa State Fair

Author: Amanda Bretz
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9781439641101
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The Tulsa State Fair is the city’s largest family event, providing educational experiences and entertainment for over 800,000 visitors during an 11-day span. Annually held the fourth Thursday after Labor Day, this historical event is based upon heritage, family values, and quality entertainment for all ages. It was first organized in 1903 as the “Tulsa County Free Fair” and developed into the Tulsa State Fair of today. With the goal of providing an educational and entertaining experience to the community, it has over 100 years of history and continues to stand out as one of the premier fairs in the country.