Poor And Homeless In The Sunshine State

Author: James Wright
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351498036
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A place like Orlando, Florida is not transformed from swampland to sprawling metropolis through Peter Pan-like flights of fancy, but through theme park expansions requiring developmental schemes that are tough minded and often worsen relationships between the wealthy and the poor. The homeless arrive with their own hopes and illusions, which are soon shattered. The rest of the local population makes its peace with the system. Meanwhile the homeless are reduced to advocacy models that neither middle- nor working-class folks much worry about. They are modern members of Ellison's "invisible men" but they comprise a racial and social mixture unlike any other in the American landscape.This book is primarily about the dark side of this portrait?the poor, near-poor, homeless, and dispossessed who live in the midst of this verdant landscape. The phrase "down and out," has been used to describe people who are destitute or penniless since the late nineteenth century. Here the term is used in a more expansive sense, as synonymous with anyone who lives near, at, or over the edge of financial catastrophe.

Great Scott

Author: Ken Kister
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781479709519
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Rick Scott, a super rich former hospital executive who headed a major corporation that defrauded the U.S. government of many millions of dollars, bought the governorship of Florida in 2010. Inaugurated in January 2011, he quickly became the “most unpopular” governor in America, and recently AlterNet named him the nation’s ‘worst” governor. This book, which deals with the first 16 months of Scott’s 4-year term, is a j’accuse–a citizen’s complaint against the governor and his disastrous policies that not only have done great harm to Florida but enriched and empowered a few at the expense of the many. An updated edition of the book is planned for 2014, when Scott has vowed to seek re-election.

Research Methods

Author: Elizabeth Grauerholz
Publisher: Facts on File
ISBN: 0816083169
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Explains the basics of sociology, and covers such topics as organizations, behavior, aging, ethnicity, family, religion, education, social class, and sexuality.